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Take a Deep Breath

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A birthday is another year to celebrate, but it should also remind us of the beginning... the day that marked our very first breath of life. Thankful for the journey but also thankful for the beginning.

(Take a deep breath)

This isn’t just one day, this is a multitude of days. Beautiful, or sometimes painful heart beating days of living. Regardless of what you describe them as... each day is a blessing. That moment you breathed in your first breath of life into those little lungs, the art of doing something you were designed to do, for the very first time. All a blessing.

And then we grow up and live our lives, one deep breath at a time.

Happy moments filled with laughter... deep breaths.

Sad moments filled with tears... deep breaths.

And as we live through the years, many breaths and many blessings... we will find ourselves.

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