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Ocean Resin Collection

Quarantine 2020 has revived hobbies that so many people have stored away overtime.

Although it has been a time of uncertainty, I have truly enjoyed this time to hang out with my dog and to reconnect with art and music. Here is how I'm getting started with resin art.

Inspired by the natural waves of the ocean

This is the driving force of my new art project. I have always been part "mermaid" and leaving the ocean is always a sad day. Hopefully this new technique will allow the ocean to stay with me a little bit longer, or maybe even bring a little bit of the ocean to you.

Wooden plates as a canvas.

I will be using wooden place as a canvas for blue and white acrylic paint mixed with resin. The colors can blend together in a way that captivates the eye to make it truly seem that there's an ocean on the plate.

I'm starting out small with a little bit of resin from an accessory kit, and then hopefully I will work my way up to epoxy resin for a longer work time.

Please check back later for the finished project.


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