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27 Things

Another year has celebrated and passed. As some of you know.... it has been quite a change. Every year I reflect on all that I have learned or things I wish to figure out. There's still way more than 27 things... but I hope these life lessons and tips help you in some way as they did for me.

27 things...

  1. There is nothing wrong with your timing if you are doing your best. Whether you believe time is relative or absolute... don’t put too much pressure on a timeline for your life.

  2. Don’t for one second ever think or feel that you are not worthy of love. You ARE and always will be.

  3. Even though we get older... it’s never too late to dream. The minute we stop dreaming is the same minute that we no longer challenge ourselves.

  4. Make sure you sauté your onions before you add garlic.

  5. You can never have too much garlic or cheese.

  6. I still stand with the previous statement.

  7. Sometimes I feel too much... noticing the details that might not be relevant to some, but in my eyes they are so elevated and enriched. Like seeing somebody take pride in their simple daily tasks because of good character... or listening to one person’s story in a group while the others decided to interrupt and start their own bunny trail conversations with the people beside them.

  8. Other times I don’t feel a single... thing. Both can be risky, but there is a time for when these are necessary. I’m thankful that every year brings more opportunities to learn when to love, learn when to fight back, and learn when to laugh my way through it.

  9. If you meet somebody who stands out and brings forth kindness... then tell them. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging what the world needs more of, and you can simply return their intentionality with your own heart.

  10. If you find yourself restless at night wondering what’s next for you... odds are that there are some people doing the exact same, tossing and turning until they find some peace to rest on. Trust me... I know.

  11. Always take road trips and go on vacation. Clear your head, meet new people. Make new friends. Enrich your heart with new memories.

  12. Keep trying to learn new things, and be teachable without being gullible.

  13. Don’t hesitate to be creative or expressive, and don’t be afraid to step outside of yourself if fear is what holds you back.

  14. Eat desserts and don’t feel guilty. Just... do it.

  15. Do more things that bring you out of your comfort zone, but keep it authentic.

  16. Don’t rush love.

  17. Never stop fighting for your faith.

  18. Let's talk about strengths and weaknesses. Quiet and reserved? Crazy and outgoing? Witty and analytical? Maybe a balance of more than one? Whatever you are... find out what makes you thrive and what makes you crumble. Don’t manipulate or abuse your strengths... and don’t allow your weaknesses to be an excuse for refusing to be wrong. Empower, don’t over throw.

  19. Fight for others if they are too weak to fight for themselves.

  20. You don’t need to always have it all together... but you do need to always be giving it your best shot to rise above whatever it is you’re going through. A testimony is a powerful thing, and your victory can help somebody who is fighting the same battle... and we can’t always do it alone.

  21. Respect the elderly. And do not ever call an old person “cute”. The majority of old people have so much more experience and wisdom than we do. Some of them surviving war, some of them just chilling because they’ve achieved they’re goals, and some of them living without loved ones. Don’t call them cute. Respect them and have an actual conversation with them. If you see them sitting alone, ask if you can join them for a few minutes and make them smile by just asking where they are from or their recommendations on where to get food... because they’ll know the best of the best.

  22. If you make your bed in the morning, you’ll at least have that accomplishment and comfort to look forward to no matter how rough your day was. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring joy when it seems like nothing else is working out.

  23. Smoothie King is better than Tropical Smoothie.

  24. If you don’t know how to properly pronounce tiramisu or gnocchi... then we can’t hang.

  25. Live for the moments that make you laugh so hard that you almost spit your drink out.

  26. Tell the people that you love the most why you love them... and tell them as much as you can. There’s something a little bit more spectacular about knowing the root of love itself. Something so powerful and yet so simple will always have abundance and meaning.

  27. Soon it will be two years. I miss her, and her laugh, and her stories. I miss her sense of humor, her creativity, her encouragement, and her stubborn Italian ways. I miss her love and her passion. She is still the first person I go to call, but can’t. Time was cut too short when I least expected. Time is a thief stealing what I can’t get back, but time is also an opportunity and a gift of what we had together. Precious moments of love and laughter that built our life. I’m so much like her, even more each day. I wonder what it would be like if she was still here to dance with me in the middle of where ever we wanted to be.

It has been a year like no other. But a conclusion? We’re all fighting something... but we have to carry love within us. If we don’t... then darkness will fill the voids and tear us down. We don’t have to be perfect, but we do need to try as hard as we can. Run hard, and if you fall while running the race... at least you fell moving forward.

I love all of you so much. ❤️ Please take care of yourselves and reach out if life ever gets you down.

"Don’t for one second ever think or feel that you are not worthy of love. You ARE and always will be."


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